Incorporated association

Incorporated association

incorporated association

An incorporated association is a formal legal structure adopted by a broad range of non-profit organisations. Incorporated associations have the word 'incorporated' or the abbreviation 'Inc' in their name. Incorporated associations are subject to state or territory incorporation laws and are administered to by a government body within the relevant state and territory. As a consequence, the operations of an incorporated association are restricted to its home state. 

Incorporated associations have the following advantages: 

  • Suitable for community-based groups.
  • Has an identity distinct from the founders and members. 
  • An inexpensive way to give associations a legal identity which continues despite any membership changes.
  • Can operate regardless of changes to its membership.
  • Can accept gifts and donations.
  • Can enter into contracts.
  • Can apply for government grants.

There are several conditions that an organisation wishing to incorporate must meet. These will differ depending on the state/territory in which the organisation seeks to become incorporated. 
The significant steps for applying for incorporation are:

  1. Choose a name and check its availability.
  2. Adopt a set of rules which comply with the requirements of the Act. An association can choose to prepare its own rules or adopt the prescribed model rules; and
  3. Lodge an application for incorporation with the required accompanying documentation.

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