$150 Cash for New Tax Strategies

cash for tax strategies


We aim to create Australia’s largest and most comprehensive Tax Strategy Database, and we want your help to do it. As tax planners we want the largest database possible as that provides us with more ‘tools’ to help our clients legally save more tax.

If you know of any good tax strategies that are not included on our Strategy Database please let us know and we will add them. As a thank you for your contribution you will receive a $150 cash gift for each new tax strategy. 

New tax strategies can be emailed to [email protected].

Conditions Apply

Must be a licensed tax agent and a TaxFitness subscriber to enter. Submitted strategies cannot be duplicates of our 200 + existing strategies in the TaxFitness database. Strategies must meet our TaxFitness strategy standards.

Congratulations Ed Gebert

Congratulations to Ed Gebert from Success Tax Professionals in Woodvale for contributing Tax Strategy 210 – Solar power unit for office. Ed has revieved a $150 in cash for his contribution. In Ed’s words “this strategy is a no brainer”.

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- Bono: U2