Ras Bir Beach, Djibouti huts
Capital city:                Djibouti
Currency:                    Djiboutian franc (DJF)
Population:                942,333  
Language:                  French and Arabic     
GDP:                            USD$3.6 billion  
GDP per capita:        USD$3,820

Djibouti is an African country bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. Originally part of the colony of the French Somaliland, 
Djibouti achieved independence in 1977 (and the Republic of Djibouti was born). 

Djibouti’s economy largely revolves around the country’s free trade policies and strategic location as a Red Sea transit point. 
The container terminal at the Port of Djibouti handles the bulk of the nation’s trade with 70% of the seaport’s activity consisting of imports and exports from neighbouring Ethiopia.

Since 1949 Djibouti has been operating a free-port – ‘Djibouti Free-zone’. Apart from other incentives, foreign companies domiciled in the free-port can receive a five to ten-year tax exemption.

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