Mauritius tax haven

Capital city:               Port Louis     
Currency:                   Martian rupee
Population:               1,348,242  
Language:                 Nonea & English   
GDP                            US$13.557 billion 

Mauritius (officially the Republic of Mauritius) is an island nation in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 km off the southeast coast of the African continent. It was formerly a Dutch, French and British colony before achieving independence in 1968.

Mauritius is surrounded by more than 150 km of white sandy beaches, and the lagoons are protected from the open sea by the world’s third largest coral reef, which surrounds the island. Mauritius was the only known home of the dodo bird (a 20kg flightless bird). It’s commonly believed that the dodo went extinct because Dutch sailors ate the beast to extinction after finding that the bird was incredibly easy to catch due to the fact it had no fear of humans. 

Mauritius was predominantly an Indian tax haven. Between April 2000 to March 2016, financiers channeled $95.9bn of Indian investments through Mauritius.  They did this to take advantage of the Double Tax Agreement (DTA) between the two countries which can eliminate capital gains tax on Indian investments. The DTA ceased in 2017.

Mauritius has offshore services such as offshore banking, insurance, the registration of ships and vessels, investment fund management, incorporation of Mauritius Global Business Company Category II, and offshore companies. Mauritius has no taxes for offshore companies and offshore bank accounts; plus, the standard confidentiality and privacy.

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