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Tax Planning – Making a Start

There is nothing wrong with being a novice tax planner (it’s actually very exciting taking the challenge and starting the journey to learn something new).

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Tax Planning Sin 7: Inadequate Tax Planning Training

Tax planning is like a forgotten bespoke craft that is only provided by a few expert craftsmen (who pass the knowledge onto their ‘apprentices’).

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Tax Planning Sin 3: Inadequate Time Spent on the Tax Plan

The Tax Planning Interview with the client requires an investment of one hour to ensure the tax strategies are actually implemented and they save the client tax.

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Tax Planning Sin 2: Undercharging for Tax Planning

 Most practice principals will tell you they do provide tax planning services to their clients, but just don’t charge for it.

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Tax Planning Sin 1: Failing to Offer Tax Planning Services to Every Client

Industry data shows that approximately 10% of practices are currently providing tax planning services to their clients.

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Six Tax Planning Options

Accounting practices have six options available to them in relation to providing tax planning services. Some practices will choose one option (strategic pathway) and others several.

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Of Course I Am Minimising My Tax

As the well-known Australian billionaire media magnate Kerry Francis Packer once said in reference to the Australian government.

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6 Strategies To Promote Tax Planning Services To Your Clients

If you implement the above six strategies over time you will build your Tax Planning fee base.

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