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1974 – Suit Leasing Scheme

In 1974 the UK’s top marginal tax rate of 83% applied to incomes over £20,000 (equivalent to £200,000 in 2018).

1973 - Nugent Hand Bank

Nugan Hand Bank was an infamous Australian merchant bank that was involved in drug smuggling, arranging weapons deals, providing a front for the United States CIA, money laundering and tax evasion schemes (including the Bottom of the Harbour).

1970 – Bottom of the Harbour Tax Avoidance

Bottom of the harbour tax avoidance schemes involved stripping a company of its assets and leaving it with unpaid tax liabilities.

1953 – Captive Insurance Companies

A captive insurance company is where a parent group creates its own licensed insurance company to provide coverage for itself.

The Bachelor Tax of 1927

The first bachelor tax was introduced in 9 AD by emperor Augustus to encourage marriage. It was called the ‘Lex Papia Poppaea’, and apart from taxing bachelors also taxed married people with no children, and those who were celibate.

The Liechtenstein Foundation of 1926

The Liechtenstein foundation has its legal basis in the Persons and Company Law (PGR – Personen- und Gesellschaftsrecht) of January 20, 1926, and is extremely flexible as it may pursue any lawful purpose.

Switzerland Became the First True Tax Haven in 1918

Switzerland was the first ‘true’ tax haven and became a tax haven immediately following World War I.

The First Self Managed Super Fund was Established in 1915

The first SMSFs were established in 1915 to take advantage of the original tax exemption for super funds in the 22-page Income Tax Assessment Act 1915.

Delaware Incorporation Legislation Enacted in 1899

The General Corporation Law (Title 8, Chapter 1 of the Delaware Code) is the statute governing corporate law in the U.S. state of Delaware.

The Farm Horse Tax of 1797

In 1797 Great Britain introduced a farm horse tax on horses and mules that were used in husbandry or trade.