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1-day business benchmarking training course

11 December 2023
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We are pleased to introduce our 1-day business benchmarking course. After just 1 day you can start generating extra fees from within your current client base. Simple, straightforward and income-producing. Tired of courses that are purely information? Well, this course is designed to get participants making money for your business quickly by making the theory…

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Revenue generating tax planning and business advisory courses

14 November 2023
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We are excited to announce the launch of our fee generating tax planning and business advisory courses. Key features include: Targeting a minimum of $100,000 in tax planning and business advisory fees within the first 12 months (Platinum course). Unlimited phone calls and emails. Unlimited one-on-one coaching/mentoring (Platinum course). Access core course content (videos, checklists,…

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TaxFitness software updates – November 2023

10 November 2023
software update 2023

We have made some significant improvements to our TaxFitness software: You can now analyse up to 5 different scenarios when preparing tax planning reports. We have Improved the tax planning report design, presentation, and wording and included additional graphs and tables. Sixty new compliance and business advisory recommendations have been added to our tax strategy…

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Insights from fast growing businesses 

15 August 2023

Nobody accidentally finds themselves on top of the mountain. You only get there by having a goal, working to a plan, and working hard to make it happen. Customer retention is a growth strategy. A KPMG study found that customer retention was businesses’ most important revenue driver. At the same time, Bain & Company calculated…

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Why choosing the correct business structure is so important

8 August 2023

Liability Protection: Some businesses, such as companies, offer limited liability protection. This means the business owner’s assets are protected from debts and liabilities. Tax Implications: Different business structures have different tax implications. For instance, a sole proprietorship's income is taxed at the owner's tax rate. At the same time, a corporation may be subject to…

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How can businesses use ChatGPT?

1 August 2023

Businesses can leverage ChatGPT, or similar language models, to enhance their operations and customer interactions. Here are some common use cases for businesses: Customer Support and Service: ChatGPT can be a virtual customer support agent to handle customer inquiries and provide assistance 24/7. It can answer frequently asked questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide relevant information…

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Change to a 4-day Work Week

25 July 2023

A 4-day workweek, where employees work the same number of hours but are condensed into four days instead of five, has gained popularity and is being experimented with by some companies and governments. There are several potential benefits associated with a 4-day workweek: Increased productivity: Employees may experience higher productivity and focus during their working…

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Don’t Die Without a Valid Will

18 July 2023

According to a study by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), around 50% of Australian adults do not have a will. In Australia, if a person dies without a valid will, their estate is considered intestate. Intestacy laws then come into effect to determine how the deceased person's assets will be distributed. The specific…

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How to make a business more saleable and attractive to buyers

11 July 2023

Strong financial performance: Buyers are typically interested in businesses with consistent and healthy financial performance. Market opportunity: Buyers look for potential for future growth and expansion, so a business with a compelling value proposition and a well-defined target market is appealing. Competitive advantage: This could be in the form of proprietary technology, patents, exclusive contracts,…

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Digital Games Tax Offset

4 July 2023

The Digital Games Tax Offset (DGTO) provides eligible game developers a 30% refundable tax offset for qualifying Australian development expenditures from 1 July 2022. It will be available for completion, ongoing development, or porting of digital games, subject to the following: eligibility criteria set out in Division 378 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, including certification by…

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"You’d be stupid not to try to cut your tax bill and those that don’t are stupid in business"

- Bono: U2