Increase the Average Transaction Size

Increase the Average Transaction Size

transaction size



Increasing the average transaction size will increase sales revenue. For example, a 20% increase in average transaction size will result in a 20% increase in total sales revenue.

To implement this strategy:



  • Change the product or service mix – i.e. add higher priced products and/or reduce lower priced products.
  • Bundle products or services that complement each other.
  • Upsell – Do you want fries with that?
  • Increase the amount of value you provide and increase your prices.
  • Provide staff with training on why products or services go together and how they add value to the customer.
  • Offer a premium version of your product or service.
  • Provide employees with bonuses for meeting sales targets based on transaction size.
  • Display impulse purchases and gift cards near the cash register.
    Offer quantity or bulk discounts.
  • Educate customers on your full range of products or services.
  • Limit the initial selling price increase to 10%, and monitor the effect on sales, gross profits, and net profit.

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