How to Grow Your Fees 316% in a Year

How to Grow Your Fees 316% in a Year

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Unni Ashok, a TaxFitness subscriber since June 2017, operates an accounting practice at Nundah,

He has recorded fee growth of 316% for the 2019 financial year and attributes that growth to five

  1. Positioning himself as a tax planning expert – business clients like to feel/know they are dealing
    with an expert in the field where value can be generated for them.
  2. Establishing trust with potential clients – this often leads to either them signing up for services or
    referring someone they know.
  3. Establishing an ongoing relationship with clients so they feel they are being looked after
    throughout the year – important for client retention and word of mouth referrals. This is achieved
    through monthly newsletters and periodic client phone calls.
  4. Incorporate tax planning fees into fees for all business clients -around $500 per client p/a. As the
    value and time spent on tax planning/business advisory services are worth a lot more to the client,
    over time this will increase to $1,000 per client p/a (in addition to standard compliance work).
  5. Building referral partners and networks.
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