Five Signs Your Business is at High Risk of Failure

27 March 2023

With rising interest rates and inflation out of control, businesses are under more stress than they have been for a long time. The worldwide increase in interest rates over the last nine months has been the biggest and fastest on record. Consequently, many businesses are oblivious that they will fail or close over the next…

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20 percent tax deduction for external training expenditure

18 October 2022

A bonus 20% deduction applies to eligible external training for employees of a business. The eligibility criteria includes: The expenditure must be charged by a registered training provider and be within the scope of the provider's registration. The registered training provider must not be the entity claiming the additional deduction or an associate of the…

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Is the unemployment rate dropping because jobs are increasing?

22 February 2022

For the unemployment rate to drop for healthy sustainable reasons, employment must increase faster than the working-age population. This way, growth in employment accounts for the increase in the working-age population and migrant workers coming to Australia. So to maintain job growth, we are forced to hire from the unemployed rather than bringing in workers…

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Can you make a buck in the crazy world of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s)?

1 February 2022

 Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) are digital assets (commonly but not restricted to images such as PNG’s or JPEG’s) that are minted on the blockchain. In other words, they are stamped as the original digital asset. Anyone can copy an image, but the NFT will always be the original and can therefore be assigned value. The…

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How much are you spending on subscriptions?

25 January 2022

  Subscription-based services have become the financial model of the decade for a reason. Why give ownership to a customer for a one-time fee when the same customer can pay you every month for life on a subscription. How much are you spending on subscriptions each year? If you don’t know the answer to this…

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Silicon Valley turns into Crypto Valley!

11 January 2022

Cryptocurrencies, non-Fungible tokens (NFT’s) and crypto domains are all products of the skyrocketing blockchain industry. The amount of money moving through the blockchain community is incredible and draws a crowd of hopeful goldrushes. Thousands are leaving their jobs in Hong Kong and the US to create start-ups dedicated to creating and selling NFT’s. High profile…

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Good money habits are small and boring

4 January 2022

Good money habits are small and boring but make a big difference over time. First, figure out what you want. Are you trying to: Buy a house? Clear debt? Save for a life event such as a wedding? Create an emergency fund? Pay off your mortgage? Once you know your goal(s) and your timeline, use…

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How do we stop spending thousands on wasteful gifts each year?

21 December 2021

Whether you love or hate Christmas shopping, most of us are obligated to spend thousands each year on what ultimately leads to billions of tons of landfill the following year. And it’s not just Christmas. It’s the birthday of every kid in your child’s class. Easter, Halloween, Valentines, the list goes on. Endless consumption of…

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What are the advantages of a testamentary trust

13 December 2021

A testamentary trust (sometimes referred to as a will trust or trust under the will) is a trust which arises upon the death of the trustor, and which is specified in his or her will. The three parties involved in a testamentary trust are: The trustor – Person who specifies that the trust is created and…

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Do you have a holiday season budget?

7 December 2021

It’s easy to overspend in the holiday season and further distance yourself from your financial goals. We have spending pressures from every angle; gifts, dinners, parties and of course travel and accommodation. After the holidays, when the financial hangover becomes apparent, we look back and wonder where it all went wrong. Stop overspending in the…

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