Tax Strategies – Top 10 for Employees

Tax Strategies – Top 10 for Employees

tax strategies for employees

These 10 Tax Strategies apply to the majority of employees & produce the biggest tax savings (on average).

  1. Tax Strategy 1 – Salary Packaging Private Motor Vehicles
    Makes private motor vehicles tax deductible (average $3,000 tax savings pa).
  2. Tax Strategy 4 – Transporting Heavy or Bulky Equipment
    Makes home to work travel deductible (average $3,000 tax deduction).
  3. Tax Strategy 5 – Jointly Owned Motor Vehicle
    Doubles your motor vehicle deduction.
  4. Tax Strategy 9 – Relocation Expenses
    Makes private relocation costs deductible (Average $4,000 tax savings).
  5. Tax Strategy 12 – Concessional Super Contributions
    $25,000 concessional contributions cap (per taxpayer)
  6. Tax Strategy 14 – Living Away from Home Allowance
    Makes private accommodation and meal expenses tax deductible.
  7. Tax Strategy 77 – Change from Employee to Contractor
    Average $10,000 deductions pa.
  8. Tax Strategy 113 – PSI Entity
    Average tax savings $3,000 pa.
  9. Tax Strategy 155 – Salary Packaging Associates Leases
    Makes private motor vehicle tax deductible & income splits with spouse.
  10. Tax Strategy 196 – FBT Exempt Work-Related Items

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