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Federal Income Tax Introduced (1915)

A federal government income tax was introduced in 1915, in addition to existing state income taxes, to finance involvement in the First World War. 

Taxation and Federation (1901)

At Federation in 1901, the Australian Constitution granted the Commonwealth a monopoly of customs duties and excises and the power to levy other taxes concurrently with the States. 

First State Income Tax (1880)

Tasmania was the first state to introduce an income tax in 1880 to raise revenue due to a fiscal crisis. 

Australia's First Direct Taxes (1851)

The first direct taxes took the form of taxing the estates of deceased persons which at the outset applied only to personal estates and not real estate.

US Federal Government's First Personal Income Tax (1861)

The US federal government imposed the first personal income tax, on August 5, 1861, to help pay for its war effort in the American Civil War.

Legal vs Illegal Tax Saving Strategies

Paying our legal taxes is a small price to pay for the benefits we enjoy in a privileged, prosperous, and safe society such as Australia. 

Illegal Tax Saving Strategies

Illegal tax saving strategies damage the fabric of society and Government policy is clearly to minimise or eliminate them.

Australia's First Taxes – Excise and Customs Duties (1813)

When the first Governor, Governor Phillip, arrived with the First Fleet he had a Royal Instruction that gave him power to impose taxation if the colony needed it.

Of Course I Am Minimising My Tax

As the well-known Australian billionaire media magnate Kerry Francis Packer once said in reference to the Australian government.

Introduction To The Modern Income Tax | 1799

Income tax was first implemented in Great Britain by William Pitt the Younger in his budget of December 1798 to pay for weapons and equipment in preparation for the Napoleonic Wars.