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Educate yourself

Instead of trusting your money to others, gain financial independence and control by educating yourself on personal finance.

Create an investment plan

Investing, although riskier than cash, can create wealth over the long term with a strategic investment plan.

Use your mortgage for long term debt

Move your long term debt into your mortgage as the interest rate is often significantly lower.

Live Frugally

We don’t want to hear it but spending less consistently over time is key to growing wealth.

Retire with $1,000,000

This strategy is a simple and effective method to retire with 1 million dollars on an average wage. The key is consistency.

High achievers are expert time managers

Work smarter, not harder by pre-planning, organising, and dividing your daily tasks into an effective time management strategy.

Simplify your banking

We often have more bank accounts than we need, complicating our finances, reducing synergies, and increasing our fees.

Set auto reminders and save money

Reminders are a great way to ensure you do not miss expiring contracts such as insurance, utility bills, subscriptions, and registrations.

Sublet a room in your house/apartment

Whether an owner or renter, subletting you could significantly reduce your monthly rental or mortgage payments.

End of Financial Year (EOFY) sales

Waiting until EOFY sales can often result in significant savings on purchases.