Business Advisory Strategies

Mortgage Offset Account

19 December 2018

    Mortgage offset accounts are savings accounts that are structured so your savings balance in the account is offset against your home loan account. The advantages of mortgage offset accounts compared to normal savings accounts are:   The mortgage offset account balance reduces the interest payable on the home loan account. As no interest…

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Sublease Part of the Premises

11 December 2018

If you have unused space, subleasing part of your business premises to a third party is a great short-term strategy to reduce some of your fixed costs. This will reduce your rent expense and provide extra cash flow.    Subleasing typically makes sense when:   Business conditions are tough – this reduces your overheads and…

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Change Bad Debt into Good Debt

27 November 2018

This strategy is all about changing bad debt into good debt. Bad debt is defined as debts which don't help you build wealth and where the interest expense is non-deductible. This includes personal credit card debts, personal loans, HECS debts, primary residence home loans, etc. In contrast, good debt is debt which works to help…

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20 November 2018

A partnership involves two or more partners (people or entities) carrying on a business together with a view to profit. Partnerships are governed by the Partnership Act of the state or territory in which the partnership was formed, and are limited to a maximum of 20 partners. Partnerships have the following advantages:     It's…

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Ask for a Rent Reduction

15 November 2018

This strategy involves asking the landlord for a rent reduction. Landlords will be more open to reducing the rent where:   You are a good tenant that pays their rent on time and doesn't cause any trouble. Falling rents and increased vacancy rates means you are paying above-market rental rates.  Implementation process: Use property websites…

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Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating Services

1 November 2018

  Business Profile   Businesses in this industry install, repair and maintain ventilation, air conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems. Key Benchmarks Cost of sales to turnover is the key benchmark for this industry. Annual Turnover Range

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Debt Recycling

26 September 2018

    Debt recycling is a three-tiered financial strategy that aims to generate future wealth, reduce the home loan, and minimise tax. Debt recycling achieves this by using the current home loan equity to invest (in shares, property and managed funds), and in the process turns non-deductible family home debt into tax-deductible debt. For debt…

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