Tax Havens

Kuwait has no income tax!

25 February 2020

             Capital city:                Kuwait City Currency:                    Kuwaiti dinar (KWD) Population:                4,348,395    Language:                  Arabic    GDP:      …

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Kiribati offers a 10% company tax rate

11 February 2020

            Capital city:                Tarawa  Currency:                    Kiribati dollar Population:                110,136    Language:                  English and Gilbertese     GDP       …

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Guatemala is a popular tax haven

26 November 2019

Capital city:                Guatemala City Currency:                    Quetzal (GTQ)    Population                 16,582,469 Language:                  Spanish     GDP:                     …

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Is Guam a Seductive Tax Haven or an IRS Nightmare?

22 October 2019

      Capital city:                Hagåtña Currency:                    United States dollar (USD)     Population:                162,742    Language:                  English     GDP:           …

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Can a Racehorse Beat the ATO?

14 October 2019

The first tax issue to consider with owning a racehorse is whether you are operating as a hobby or a business. Generally, it is difficult to demonstrate to the ATO that you have a racing business unless it is associated with breeding or training activities and is of significant scale. The tax benefits of owning…

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"You’d be stupid not to try to cut your tax bill and those that don’t are stupid in business"

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